Build your context mnemonic

When you talk about effectiveness (doing a right thing) a mnemonic is very useful. In software testing there are a lot of mnemonics.

One of the best resources I fond is from Quality Perspectives.

There is a catch 22 with mnemonics: if you want to use them everywhere they have to be generic. If they are generic some things might not apply in your context.

I wanted to build a mnemonic for my colleagues. I used the Testing Map as a resource but also the mnemonics from Quality Perspectives.

It found  it  extremely difficult to make a easy to remember mnemonic. Sometimes finding the right combination can take too much time.

I have settled on a approach where the wording of the mnemonic has to be just a little bit memorable but in order to make sure you remember it you relay on visual memory.

Here is what I came up with within the context of my company:


How is is this more easy to remember? Here are a things I though of:

  1. CAGS – very strange word indeed. But if you look at the colors you will see that they fade because Compliance can include Accessibility,  Globalization and Standards.
  2. CRUD in Romanian mean raw, so green is a very suitable color.
  3. The icon from SSH protocol will be very easy to remember. Perhaps I will throw a broccoli in there just to make it more fun.
  4. BAD – with a picture of Michael Jackson might bring back memories.
  5. A D with a table in it it will make you remember easily decision table.
  6. CIF is a popular “chemical”. What you do with it … you DO.

The next step is to go to the team and let them tailor it.

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