I have created my own Lego scrum scenario. How does it start?

Everything starts with a A2 paper where everything has to be build on and:

The user stories

lego user story

A box of Lego and a box with road sings and utility vehicles

lego set and box

From this point on you have to build the city during 2 releases (one of 3 sprints and one of 2 sprints).

One sprint takes 15 minutes, planning 5 minute, review 1 minute and retrospective 10 minutes. You have to choose randomly who will present in the review.

There are also pop up user stories, not just the ones above.

For most of the user stories there is box. The box will be available only when the sprint backlog contains the corresponding user story. One team member can see what it is in the box, before you add it in the sprint backlog, and then explain it to the others. This is the way I introduced SPIKES in the game.

Depending on the mood of the participants the timelines and be adjusted or other sprints added. It can take between 2.5 hours or 4 hours (the longest I have ever done).

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