Teamwork exercise – 8 people controlling 2 RC cars

For some time I have been thinking of fun teamwork exercise. Something that  would also involve competition and drive to succeed.

Here is what I came up with: eight people controlling 2 RC cars and racing with them, sounds like fun? Here is how I did it…..

I started with a set of RC racing cars, 8 buttons, some 15 meters of cable, a pvc pipe, duct tape, tennis racket grip tape.

raw materials

Why? so that you can re-wire the RC remote control in order to have one single button for each direction (front, back, left and right). So that it takes 4 people to drive the RC car.

change wires

After a couple of hours (here I have to thank my brother for his help) we manage to finish. Now I have 2 RC cars, that each needs to be controlled by 4 people.

final result

To me sounds like fun racing time is near.¬† All I need is 8 volunteers… :p and some traffic cones…



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