Learning about processes and tools through story telling.

While hunting for fun stuff I stumbled upon a set of story cubes.  These are cubes with different images on each side. After you throw the cubes you have to make up a story with using the images.  It sounds fun!!! How can I use this? What if I put on the cubes tools, ceremonies, artifacts and other things that I do within my company. I would be able to tell some great stories !!!

After a while I stumbled upon a set of 8 wood cubes for small children. I bought it. I could only use 4 sides of each cube.

cubes animals

I already had some sticky paper that I could print on. Next I made a list of tools, ceremonies, artifacts and other things that I considered useful to know and understand within my company. It turns out that I had more things in mind then there was space. So I added more than one thing on each side with the additional rule that you can choose the item that you want to include in your story.

dices 2 second

I printed them out… cut them and glued them to the cubes. Here is the result:

cub e

It does not look so fancy. I will try it out. See how it goes and if it will be a success then I will find a way to make them look more professional.

The rules of my Cubes Game:

  1. Throw the cubes. If the cube falls with the whole up than that’s it. You will not use anything from that cube.
  2.  From each cube side that has more then one thing,  you must choose only one.
  3. Make up a story with all the topics.


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