How you can use the Testing Map

The Testing Map can be a very useful tool for knowledge overview.

You can use it within teams but also individual to spread and share knowledge.

Here are a few ways:

  1. Within a team, everyone should chose one area and present it to everyone else. Present as if you are teaching is powerful learning method.


2. Five minute talk. Make cards with the main topics (as many as you have team members). Everyone should pick a card and based on the area stated on the card, select one sub topic to talk about in 5 minutes.testingmapcards

3. Make a puzzle out of it. Online the map is available in high resolution. You can make a puzzle out of it and try to solve it as fast as possible without having a picture beside it

puzzle small small

4. Use it to build a mnemonic for your team or project. Go through the map, highlight the areas that have a impact on your work and try to build a a mnemonic

map mnemonic